Habakkuk, the Prophet

The name Habakkuk comes from the word, embrace, meaning he who embraces. It is the perfect name for both the prophet and the book of the Bible, because Habakkuk came to embrace his many difficult questions with patience. Habakkuk saw the violence and many injustices committed near him in Judah, and he wondered why God didn’t punish them as they deserved. “Even cry out to you, Violence, and you will not save.” This verse also applies to us, now in the modern world, where domestic violence and injustices, such as poverty and starvation, are so prevalent in our society. Habakkuk was, unfortunately, the bearer of bad news when he announced the coming judgement of Judah. However, Habakkuk didn’t understand why God didn’t punish the people of Judah to bring justice to the world for their wrongdoings. “Why do you show me iniquity, and cause me to see trouble?” This can be compared to God punishing the Church in Australia by sending a communist invasion. It was actually the Babylonians who were even more evil than Judah, whom God showered his punishment on. The Babylonians were cruel people who believed in many false gods and defeated many nations. What God wants is patience and humility, and that is what he taught Habakkuk by making him wait for his response. We should pray as Habakkuk did, “God, I don’t understand what you are doing, but I know that you are right in all things. Please speak to me and correct me.”Habakkuk Quote



Quote: http://churchatmeadowlake.org/habakkuk/

Cover Picture: http://biblesaints.blogspot.com.au/2010_12_01_archive.html

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